Rights and royalties


Distribution through the ASC involves a simple, non-exclusive agreement authorising the ASC to sell the script and associated photocopy licences. Full copyright ownership rests with the playwright who remains free to sell the work elsewhere and may withdraw their script from the ASC catalogue at any time. If and when the play is licensed to another publisher, we will withdraw it immediately on receiving your written advice to that effect. To withdraw a play from the catalogue, simply notify the ASC Director at director@ozscript.org.

We encourage production enquiries about all works in our catalogue. Enquiries are promptly forwarded to the relevant playwright or agent in the first instance. The ASC can also negotiate production rights on behalf of playwrights who have authorised it to do so. Depending on the licensing arrangements for the particular work, production rights may be negotiated between the ASC and the producer or directly between the producer and the playwright or their agent.

More information on this service is made available for playwrights here.



Royalty payments for script sales and photocopy licences are calculated annually in December and paid in January once a playwright’s accrued total has reached $15 or more. If $15 is not reached in one year, the amount accrues into the next year.

Playwrights may contact the ASC at any time to request up-to-date information about sales of their work.

Production fees are forwarded to the relevant playwright within 14 days, subject to receiving an invoice from the playwright.

Playwrights receive the following royalties from the ASC;

  • Script sales – 30% of selling price (from 1 January, 2012)
  • Photocopy licences – 50% of fees received
  • Production fees – 90% of fees received