Billy’s mum and dad are refusing to talk openly about their divorce so Billy is refusing to talk too; except in charades.

When Billy and his mum move into a new apartment Billy discovers a Troll emerging from his toilet bowl. Noel, a timid but flatulent troll is on the run from the vicious Billy Goat Gruff who threw him off his bridge. In a turn around from the usual fairy tale, Noel the Troll is the real victim here, chased off his own bridge, on the run, scared out of his wits and forced to hide in the sewer below Billy’s toilet.

Billy and Noel become firm friends. Billy helps Noel to understand and use his powerful weapon of flatulence to defeat the fearsome goat and Noel, who believes in self-expression from both ends, convinces Billy to express himself and finally talk to his mum and dad about his feelings.

"The children from 4–12 years loved it. The more fart jokes the better! For the adults, Justin had a second level to the script to keep them highly entertained too...You will love it; borrow some kids for an excuse to see it."
—Theatre Australia

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