These are stories of coming out, 37 different ways. From prehistoric to futuristic, from America to Australia, from city to county and from comedy to drama, these are stories with heart.

A young gay man's suicide is covered up, an 'are they or aren't they' boy band, a wedding ceremony that will end badly and a boy ready to confess his sexuality to his whole school...

Two soldiers on the front line in World War II, a teen unable to tell his parents, an AIDS patient clinging to life and Alexander the Great just after his wedding...

These are just a few of the coming out tales in this heartwarming collection.

"You'll get a lot more than you bargained for with this honest, stimulating and perceptive look at what it has meant to be gay since mankind emerged from caves... [Tunks] paints a marvelous, uniquely magnanimous picture..." - Aussie Theatre

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